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web hosting

Web site hosting accounts and pricing (Design packages are here):

The Starter Account

  • 30 MB of disk space
  • Upload through FTP only
  • One POP3 email address (3)
  • 100 MB of traffic a day
  • No Telnet or CGI
  • Price: $5 setup and $ 10.95 a month

The Intermediate Account 

  • 60 MB of disk space
  • Upload through FTP or Telnet
  • One POP3 email address (3)
  • 200 MB of traffic a day
  • Access to system CGI (most common scripts like counters or formmail available)
  • Price: $ 15 setup and $ 21.95 a month

The Elite Account

  • 120 MB of disk space
  • Upload through FTP or Telnet
  • One POP3 email address (3)
  • 400 MB of traffic a day
  • Full CGI capable (scripts subject to approval)
  • Price: $ 20 setup and $33.95 a month

Setup Fee
Virtual Domain (i.e. www.you.com) (4) $25 $2
Extra Sub-Domains (www.name.you.com) (6) $25 $2
Vanity Domains (i.e. www.you.diegotek.com) (7)  $25 $2
Microsoft Frontpage Extensions (requires Intermediate Account or higher) Free Free
Virtual FTP (requires Virtual Domain) Free Free
SSL (https://) Encrypted Secure Server (a Vanity Domain site from pair networks is available without certificate; requires Intermediate Account or higher). (8) $20 $12
Extra POP3 email accounts Free $2
(1) The abbreviation "MB" means "megabytes"
(2) Only one login name and password is available per account. Multiple logins are not available.
(3) Unlimited email aliases are provided with Virtual Domain setup, but there is only one POP3 email box.
(4) InterNIC (Network Solutions) fees apply to Virtual Domains. Current InterNIC fees for domain registration are $70 for the first 2 years and $35 each subsequent year. We do not bill these fees; an invoice is sent to the client directly from them.
(5) Standard hosting is in the form www.diegotek.com/you/ (unless virtual, vanity or subdomain setup is chosen). If you elect this option, and we are not designing your web site, you must submit your web site files to us for uploading. You do not have direct access to the directory. Changes are usually uploaded the same day of receipt (zip files preferred). This keeps your setup fees to a bare minimum.
(6) Each subdomain, also known as "Vanity within Virtual", has its own login/password information, allowing individual sections of your business to have their own web site secure from other branches of the business. Example: www.deptA.acme.com and www.deptB.acme.com, etc. Separate email addresses for these subdomains are still subject to the additional POP3 box fees noted above.
(7) Vanity Domains in the form www.you.diegotek.com are also available. The advantage is that you don't have the $70 InterNIC fee. Vanity Domains, like subdomains, allow you to have a direct login/password to your web site. Email would be in the form you@diegotek.com and is provided with a separate POP3 account at $2/month.
(8) If you want a secure server with your domain name you will need to obtain a certificate from Thawte or VeriSign. You need to closely coordinate this with us. Setup and monthly fees specified above still apply in addition to the certificate fees. Disk space usage on the Secure Server counts against the account total allowed under the hosting accounts listed above.

(9) Domains hosted by diegotek do not require a "www" prior to the domain name. For example, diegotek.com is enough to reach our web site. While the "www" is not required, www.diegotek.com will work as well.

(10) We do NOT host sexually explicit or highly controversial adult web sites. For example, racially biased or pornographic web sites are excluded from service. We reserve the right to refuse service to any one.

These prices and conditions are effective as of 8/6/1999 and subject to change without notice. diegotek believes this page to be 100% accurate; however we are not responsible for typographical errors. There are a lot of special things that we can do that most users don't need. Email your needs to us and we'll see what we can do.