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what's new?
We can take digital images! In addition to being able to scan your pictures, we are taking high-quality images for placement on your site, all through the use of an excellent 3 megapixel digital camera.
We've got a new look! In the continued effort to steamline our site and make it top notch we've instituted a new look. We hope that navigation will be easier than ever. If you've got some thoughts on improvement of the site, PLEASE let us know. Thanks!
Live Picture invades diegotek's capabilities. High technology takes on a new spin for the Internet. Now, diegotek can provide clients with full 360 degree imaging on their webpages. Basically, a series of photos are taken in a 360 degree circle. These photos are then put together by PhotoVista software so that the final product appears as an image on your webpage that pans around 360 degrees. The images can either be taken with a digital camera or by using regular print film scanned in. This kind of technology gives a whole new dimension to your webpages. Two versions are available, one which uses a freely downloadable plug-in for a surfer's webbrowser, or another version that utilizes Java and requires no additional plug-ins on the users part. This can be used to provide pictures of your products, services, events, or locales. We will be posting examples here soon, so stay tuned.
Secure Password Authentication has been added to protect sensitive or 'for-pay' areas of your web site. When accessing this type of an area on your web site, the user would be required to enter a login and password to gain entry.
diegotek web solutions is now providing forms and CGI script capabilities. Have you ever been to those web pages that provide forms for you to fill out, especially the forms for contact information? Well, diegotek is now offering these kind of services. Fees vary for the hosting and creation of this type of service, so contact your sales representative with a description of your needs for a comprehensive quote. Check out some examples: Contact form ~ Message Board
We're working on 3-D imaging. We're busily spinning up to provide 3-D images, logos, etc. If this sounds like something you can use, email the sales department and see when it will be available. 3-d graphics